My Journey

I choose to believe in you.

七転び.: Please send me words~


Virgin: Give a description of the person you want to lose (or have lost) your virginity to.
Disney: Which Disney character are you most like?
Future: Do you think you’d feel better if you know what’s going to happen to you later in your life?
iTunes: Top 10 favorite songs?
Turn: Who’s…

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Helloooooo bunnies,

Its been a while since i last uploaded my previous video. :)

Sorry it took me a while to upload a Christmas video haha~ i know its already been past. BUT everyone still has a heart for Christmas on any day!

and again, Merry Christmasss!!!

Mosman BEACH!

Just a quick update, next week will be ‘Lost Then Found’ by Leona Lewis Ft. One Republic!!

woo another upload on youtube!

this time i sang everytime we touch by cascada!

hope you guys enjoy it!!

I feel so left out :(

The famous darling habour !!

Ah.. I love nature..

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